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  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Annotation
  • Faster

    100+ Data experts in Beijing;
    Core operators with 10 years experience in data industry;
     12 Affiliated data factory
  • More Accurate

    20 years of data processing experience;
     ISO9001 Quality certification;
     Highly standardized QC process;
     100 days training curriculum, strict examination
  • Cheaper

    Developed crowd sourcing system;
     Dynamic pricing model;
     Intelligent task distribution system
  • Safer

    ISO 27001 Information security certification;
     20 workshops equiped with cctv;
     ATM private data channel;
     Private data self-destruction after delivery
  • More Professional

    Professional hardware support:
     Earthworks voice collection equipment;
     Eyelink eye movement capture equipment
  • More Customized

    Special skills support: hand-painting, photography;
     Special requirements support:
     Mass e-book production

Our developed IT platform provides super simple and clear task definition; Task distribution module automaticlly matches data factory and operators with corresponding skill set according to the type and difficulty of tasks; Strict online exams and multiple quality check processes ensure the highest data quality.We believe that BasicFinder is the best choice for data scientists and artificial intelligence engineers.

User Case

  • 人脸数据标注 Face recognition
  • 骨骼点数据标注 Bone Structure
  • 手部轮廓线数据标注 Hand Gesture
  • 自动驾驶车辆及车道线数据标注 ADAS
  • 物体识别数据标注 Object Detection
  • 语音数据标注或转录 Voice to Text

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