We build leading AI data accelerator.

BasicFinder aims to provide professional, fast, efficient, and safe data collection & annotation service for our AI customers.With 12 affiliated data factories and 2000 full-time annotators, we equip ourselves with efficient management and training system as well as software & hardware platform. We seek the collaborations with all AI companies and we believe that our data crowd sourcing service can be the wings of all our clients AI engines.

Our business

Our developed IT platform provides super simple and clear task definition; Task distribution module automaticlly matches data factory
and operators with corresponding skill set according to the type and difficulty of tasks;
Strict online exams and multiple quality check processes ensure the highest data quality.
We believe that BasicFinder is the best choice for data scientists and artificial intelligence engineers.

  • Faster
  • More Accurate
  • More Customized
  • Safer
  • More Professional
  • Cheaper


China Focus: Data-labeling: the human power behind Artificial Intelligence

In 2014, Du and his partners noticed the rise of AI deep-learning and founded BasicFinder. The company is now a leading data-labeling company, with clients including Stanford University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Mobile and Chinese AI startup SenseTime.

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"The young generation at data factories" Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, interviewed by Jiefang Daily

Right now, new information technology, epitomised by internet, big data and AI, is progressing on a daily basis. Jiefang Daily had an interview with Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, to discuss the annotation industry.

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"Reveal what data annotation is with AI being promising area" Interview with BasicFinder by GeekPark

Behind the heated and glamourous AI industry is the rough and crude data annotation industry. Recently, GeekPark analyses data annotation industry in AI area from four aspects.

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Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder surging annotation order thanks to the growing amount of new AI needs

Data is the blood for AI. There is no AI without data. Recently, Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, had an in-depth interview with on his original aspiration of entrepreneurship, current development of industry, business difference etc.

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Interview with Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, to discuss how to break the ceiling of data service industry fueled by AI?

AI causes job losses while increases employment. The significant need for data of AI fuels a new industry-data service. But data service is a low-threshold industry. So the question is where it will lead in the future.

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The relationship between data and deep learning in data collection and annotation industry, by Wu Hao, data scientist of BasicFinder.

Deep model has gained significant success in many fronts of machine learning, but also asks for higher quality training data for its algorithm. High quality data collection, cleaning and annotation has direct impact on high level algorithm.

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BasicFinder, focusing on AI data, provides one-stop data collection and annotation service for companies

Data, computing capacity and algorithm are the three pillars of AI. Data, the primary factor, is the essential force for AI to continually evolve. But there is a question every scientist and AI engineer cannot escape. That is how to aquire clean, usable data in large quantity.

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Focusing on professional AI data collection and annotation service, BasicFinder uses manpower to realize artificial intelligence.

With the heated discussion of "Man VS Machine", AI become the ticket to future that every company vies for. Data, the primary factor, is the essential force for AI to continually evolve. But how to guarantee data quality while gaining large quantity of data?

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BasicFinder delivers data collection and annotation service with AI's increasing significance.

BasicFinder streamlines data annotation process, from task definition, data collection, to cleaning, annotation, to quality ensurance etc. BasicFinder also developes a machine-assisted system to improve efficiency.

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Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, in 2050 YunQi Conference by Alibaba
May 27, 2018 Hangzhou More Info

2050 YunQi Conference was held in Hangzhou on May 26 and 27, 2018, with the theme of making the world focus more on the innovation of the younger generation. Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, attened the conference and shared his ideas on the topic of "Data: The cornerstone of sensor intelligence" at the AI session.

Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, won the second place in the AI category at the innnovation and entrepreneurship competition in Beijing area.
May 5, 2018 Beijing More Info

On May 5, Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, won the second place in the AI category at the innnovation and entrepreneurship competition in Beijing area. BasicFinder has served over 150 clients in AI industry for the last years. BasicFinder received 260% more orders in the first quarter of 2018 than in the same period of 2017. Total order volume in 2018 is expected to triple that in 2017.

BasicFinder launched the first "ADAS Annotation Tool Set" at Valse
April 19-22, 2018 Dalian More Info

From April 19 to 22, Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, was invited to the 8th Valse, the "academic Waltz".Du Lin launched the "ADAS Annotation Tool Set" to the attendees and was met with positive feedback.

BasicFinder became Baidu AI Ecosystem Partner
December 7, 2017 Beijing More Info

AI Developers Camp 2017 hosted by Baidu was completed in Beijing on December 7. At the Baidu AI Ecosystem Partner Program venue, BasicFinder was admitted into the "Prairie Fire Program" and awarded the plaque of Baidu AI Ecosystem Partner, because of its outstanding professional data service ability.

BasicFinder was Recognised by lieyunwang as "Top Business Service Provider" in 2017
Nov. 28 - 29, 2017 Beijing More Info

2017 CEO Summit · Annual Startup & Investment Award Ceremony by lieyunwang was presented at Beijing Lido Crowne Plaza on Nov. 28, 2017. BasicFinder is honored to have won the "Top Business Service Provider" award. The candidates for 15 awards were produced by online votes, and the winners were chosen by a panel of well-known investors and media professionals, based on company competence, product competitiveness, prospects, industry recognition, team potential etc.

Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, was invited to the first AI saloon hosted by ARM
Nov. 1 Shanghai More Info

ARM, the biggest semi-conductor IP provider in the world, hosted the first AI saloon in Shanghai on Nov. 1. Du Lin, CEO of BasicFinder, was invited and shared his views on AI with other attendees. He also reached a prospective cooperation consensus with ARM.

CNCC 2017
Oct. 26 - Oct. 28 Fuzhou More Info

China National Computer Congress (CNCC) 2017 is held at FSICEC from Oct. 26 to Oct. 28, 2017. The theme of CNCC2017 is ‘AI Changes the World’. BasicFinder is invited as an exhibitor. Visit us at Booth #52 to discuss how our data service can help your artificial intelligence.

CCAI 2017
July 22 - July 23 Hangzhou More Info

Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) 2017 was held at Hangzhou from July 22 to July 23, 2017, to which BasicFinder had the priviledge to be invited. The event was organised by Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence and Alibaba group, and brought together leading experts in AI from around the world to exchange cutting-edge technological ideas.

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