BasicFinder has a lot of advantages over Mechanical Turk(M-Turk)
Annotations quality
High quality guarantee
BasicFinder guarantees data accuracy with requesters as high as 99.7% in the contracts.
Each worker receives 100 days of entry training. BasicGuard monitors accuracy using programmed quality ensurance engine.
80% of professional workers have ove 2 years of experience in data labeling and training.
No quality guarantee
MTurk does not guarantee the date accuracy.
Crowdsourcing workers do not receive professional training and learn project requirements only from task specification documents, which is likely to lead to inconsistent understanding of task requirements and poor quality.
Management difficulty
Worry-free project management
BasicFinder provides one-stop annotation service, from project publishing, tagging management to data acceptance, without any effort from requesters.
More than 20 years of data annotation experience enables us to develop a mature project management mode. So you can trust us with your projects.
Self - manage your own projects
Publishing projects in MTurk requires your full attention and energy from publishing, labelling, checking and exporting.
However, checking the results by yourself is time-consuming and laborious. And leaving checking process to crowdsourcing is difficult to guarantee quality, which increases workload and cost.
Scope of application
Wide scope of application
BasicFinder meets the labeling needs of 13 categories and 32 sub-classes, covering all existing types in the market, from image judgment, corpus acquisition to complex bitmap labeling, semantic segmentation, video tracking, etc..
Mainly for simple projects
As crowdsourcing platform operators are uneven in level and can not be managed uniformly, it is mainly applicable to simple tasks.
Publication difficulty
Ready-to-used templates
With BasicFinder's drag-and-drop annotated templates and editing tools, simple configuration can meet 90% of project requirements.
A powerful annotating tool set is directly available for annotation projects without development.
Iframe embedding and customization is provided, with excellent expansibility.
Templates developed by yourself
Requesters needs to develop them own labelling templates and tools for workers.
Customer service
One-on-one project manager
BasicFinder provides each requester with an one-on-one project manager, 7*24 h on standby, answering questions about the project process, and sharing workload for you.
Self-service throughout whole process
You need to explore implementation process and platform usage methods throughout the whole project process. Your needs and concerns cannot be answered on a timely basis.
Flexible payment terms
Basicfinder supports flexible payment terms. You can pay a small amount of deposit at the beginning of the project, and then transfer the remaing payment after accepting satisfactory data results, greatly reducing the risk of estimated costs.
Fixed payment terms
MTurk requires you to pay the full amount of project when you start the project, and return the payment for unaccepted results after the project is completed, which amounts to a certern level of risk estimated cost when results are not available.